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why "creaveat"?

"the flaw you desire"

The English verb "to crave" is used to indicate a strong desire for something. We then thought of the pun Crave (desire) + Eat (to eat); and translating the pronunciation of the naming, “Craveit”, we get: “desire it”.

Connecting to the concept of excess seen as the imperfection of food, I wanted to play with type, interve- ning on the temples and the graces of the character; in fact the font takes on a great sense of irregulari- ty, which detaches itself from geo- metry and symmetry.


The flaw you desire

event claim

A flyer that allows you to discover the event in all its forms, each stand and each area at your complete disposal.


Attending countries

How does the event develops

a captivating and effective visual that enhances the brand's identity, reporting all the visual elements that characterize it

Event banners

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